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Our Menu

Restaurant Menu:


  • Salt fish fritters: Salted cod cake with spring onions, peppers, and thyme served with tamarind jus or sweet chilli sauce : £4
  • Fried bakes (V): St. Lucian style dumplings fried to perfection -£3.50
  • Fried bakes stuffed with ackee & salt fish: Ackee & saltfish served in a fluffy golden fried bake – £4.59
  • Fried bakes stuffed with sautéed callaloo (V): beautiful greens fused with salted cod – £4
  • Bojangles wings 24 hour marinated hot and spicy marinated wings and tossed in our secret rub -£4.50
  • Jerk wings 24 hour marinated jerk flavoured chicken wings – £4.50 (mild or hot)
  • BBQ wings 24 hour marinated sticky barbeque chicken wings, dripping in delicious sauce – £4.50
  • Fried wings 24 hour marinated crispy, golden fried chicken wings – £4.50
  • Pumpkin, leek and carrot soup with a hint of chilli (V): fresh and healthy does not have to be bland or boring! – £5
  • Cream of red pea soup (V): creamy kidney bean soup is brilliant on a cold British day! – £5
  • Hearty, warm Chicken soup served with a perfectly crackling bread roll – £6
  • Bojangles burger: caramelised onion on a cheese stuffed burger with crisp lettuce, tomato and secret sauce, shhhh! -£7
  • Buttermilk fried crispy chicken fillet burger: crispy fried chicken thigh coated in our signature blend of buttermilk and spices. 24 hours brined for extra tenderness and flavour – £6
  • Halloumi cheeseburger (V) – less meat more cheese is designed for all you cheese lovers out there! -£6
  • Falafel burger (V) – with spices and ground chickpeas this kick of flavour will have you needing nothing less than this burger! -£6
  • Fiery Juicy Jerk Salmon served with a cooling mango salsa -£9.59
  • Perfectly Fried red bream fish topped with a tangy, spicy escovitch sauce and pickled vegetable medley -£8.59
  • Grilled buttery, garlic and herb sea bass: bursting with flavour and with a hint of lemon creates a magic touch to your dish! -£10.89
  • Curried goat marinated for 24 hours and slow cooked in rich toasted spices and scotch bonnet pepper to give it that kick we all deserve! -£8.50
  • Jerk chicken: Succulent chicken marinated with a jerk spice blend. Not for the faint hearted -£7.50
  • Stew chicken: Rich caramelised brown stew gravy, carrot, potato, sweet onion, all spice – £6.59
  • Bojangles special fried chicken: carefully selected spices marinated over 24 hours and fried to crunchy perfection! – £6.59
  • Rack of ribs slow cooked, smoked sweet Demerara homemade BBQ – £6
  • Meze 2 – (total £25) 2 different flavoured wings, lamb chops, bakes, salt fish fritters and 2 sides
  • Meze 1 – (total £35) Jerk wings on a stick

Caribbean spiced or mild style lamb chops/cutlets served on a stick
Honey, thyme and lemon marinated halloumi
Sweet chilli salmon bites served on a stick

Vegan and Vegetarian:
  • Roasted aubergine and butternut squash curry (vegan) -£6.50
  • Mushroom wellington (V): with meaty mushrooms and flaky beautiful pastry there’s not mushroom left for anything else! – £6.59
  • Caribbean chilli (vegan): If you love fresh seasonal veggies then this is the dish for you, bursting with flavour and rich aromas -£6
  • Spinach and ricotta filo parcels: rich and creamy, yet light and mouth-watering! (V)-£6.59
Side Orders:
  • Macaroni and cheese: pasta cooked in a creamy, cheesy sauce and baked till perfection is complete! – £3.50
  • Crispy French fries- £2.89
  • Sweet potato fries- £2.99
  • Coleslaw: creamy slaw, made fresh with carrots and cabbage- £2.50
  • Potato salad: a creamy and simple mix but made with love! – £2.50
  • Fried plantain- £2.89
  • Rice & peas- £3
  • Sautéed seasonal vegetables –£2.50
  • Hard food – Boiled dumpling, green banana & chocho (may change seasonally)– £3
  • Fresh side salad: fresh, vibrant seasonal salad – £2.50
  • Mango, rum and coconut Crumble
  • White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake